Serta Clay Mount

Serta has joined forces with the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) to introduce the all-new Perfect Sleeper®, the Only Official Mattress of the National Sleep Foundation. This Perfect Sleeper® Essentials collection features Serta's Continuous Support® Innerspring and Pressure Balancing Design. Each mattress in this collection is engineered with input from the NSF with a unique set of features to address these 5 common sleep problems:

5 Common Sleep and Mattress Issues

  1. Tossing & Turning
  2. Lack of Support, Leading to Back Pain
  3. Sleeping Too Hot or Too Cold
  4. Partner Disturbance
  5. Mattress Roll-Off or Sag

Every new Serta Perfect Sleeper® mattress comes with the National Sleep Foundation’s exclusive Guide to Sleeping Well. This informative booklet provides tips, suggestions, and resources to help you get the most from your new Perfect Sleeper® mattress each and every night. - See more at:

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